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WRC was incorporated in 2002 as an asset-based third-party logistics provider. We specialize in rail and road transportation and have customers and carriers throughout North America. Our customers move a variety of goods and manufacturing supplies with us, and range in size from large national corporations to small businesses.

Our mission is to provide you with reliable transportation solutions that save you time and money. We’re proud to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations for quality rates and service and for the secure and timely delivery of goods. See below for a list of the many benefits of working with WRC.

Why work with WRC?

  • We’re experts at managing transportation solutions. Our management team provides you with more than 41 years of railcar, rail intermodal, highway, and operations experience.
  • We offer a distinct price advantage. Unlike our larger competitors, as a small business with small overhead, we’re proud to offer you some of the most competitive pricing in North America.
  • We take the stress out of rail transportation. We have successfully negotiated numerous rail contracts and have established valued relationships with all Class 1 railways in North America.
  • You can trust our carriers. We partner only with carriers that we have visited, vetted, and built a trusted relationship with. We have well-established relationships with all of the reputable carriers in North America. 
  • Your shipments are fully insured. As we all know, accidents in transportation can unfortunately sometimes occur. With WRC, your shipments are insured to cover any unforeseen incidents.
  • We customize solutions to your needs. We know that each business has unique supply management needs. We’re dedicated to learning your needs and offering reliable solutions.
  • We have access to a large supply of varied equipment. You’ll never have to worry about service delays due to a shortage of equipment, nor whether we can accommodate the size or type of your goods. We can accommodate both large businesses with frequent shipment needs, and small businesses with needs that would suit our Less than Trailerload (LTL) shipment options.
  • We provide scheduled servicing. For each shipment, we communicate pick up times, delivery times, and any changes that occur in between.
  • We’re easily available to you by phone or email. You can reach us and expect same-day response between 6am PST and 6pm PST. We’re also available after hours in case of any emergencies.
  • We’re dedicated to our customers. Our customers are our top priority. If you succeed, we succeed. We hope to build a long-term relationship with you, and care about your business as we do our own. 
  • We’re a professional and reputable company. We’ve been in business since 2002, have more than 41 years of experience between our management team, and are members of the West Coast Container Freight Handlers Association. You can trust in us and in our business.